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The best locations for trick-or-treating on Halloween are often a kept secret, shared with only your closest friends because who wants to share where you get all the great candy with everyone else? It’s no longer a secret as we’ve ranked the best cities in America to go trick-or-treating on Halloween, ranking them 1-20 to help you figure out the best spots near you to get all the great candy. The rankings are decided by a combination of factors such as median home value, population density (how many homes in a square mile), crime index of the neighborhoods relative to the rest of the city and a walking score which determines the accessibility of the city by foot.

Here are the rankings according to that criteria!

1. San Francisco

san-franciscoThe best place in America to trick-or-treat on Halloween is in San Francisco, CA. It’s a dense city with a high population in condensed areas which mean less work for the kids as they go door to door at a higher rate than most other places in the country. For instance, the best place in San Francisco to trick-or-treat is in the Noe Valley, which houses roughly 24,000 people in less than a square mile and the median home income is 103 percent higher than the rest of the country, meaning residents will likely not only have more candy but the more expensive, better candy. Some other hot spots in San Francisco to trick-or-treat include Glen Park, Sea Cliff, Cow Hollow and Presidio Heights.

2. Los Angeles

Los_angelesJust because you’re in a big busy city doesn’t mean it can’t be one of the best places to trick-or-treat. Los Angeles, CA is the second best city in the state of California and the United States to pick up candy on Halloween. The Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles specifically is the area you want to hit. Over 80 percent of the homes in that region are in the million dollar range and with over 800 people per square mile, you’re definitely going to get the best bang for your buck without walking all over the place. Some other areas of Los Angeles to hit include Brentwood, Cheviot Hills, Bel Air and Eagle Rock.

3. Chicago

ChicagoNot all the best places in the country to trick-or-treat are in regions with a warm climate during the fall, as Chicago, IL comes in third overall for the best city to pick up candy on Halloween. Roscoe Village in Chicago boasts a whopping 17,000 people per square mile population density, which means there are a lot of doorbells to ring for treats to fill your pillowcase. Not only are there lots of residences to hit, but it’s one of the safest neighborhoods in the Chicago area. Other good neighborhoods to canvas on Halloween are Edison Park, Bucktown, Sheffield Neighbors and Belmont Heights.

4. Philadelphia

PhiladelphiaOn the northwest side of Philadelphia, PA, to the north of I-75 you’ll find the area of town referred to as Manayunk and it’s one of the best places to trick-or-treat in Philadelphia and the state of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia comes in ranked fourth in the country for best cities to trick-or-treat, and that’s in part to the areas of town like Manayunk, Chestnut Hill, Mount Airy, Cedar Park and Fairmount. In the aformentioned Manayunk side of town, you have a pool of nearly 15,000 residents in less than a square mile to attempt to get candy from. Not only is there a giant pool of potential candy givers, but it’s also one of the safest neighborhoods in the entire city.

5. San Jose

San JoseThe state of California certainly appears to be one of the best places to trick-or-treat, with San Jose, CA coming in as the third city in the state and fifth overall in the rankings of best cities to trick-or-treat in for the 2014 Halloween holiday. Willow Glen has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire city of San Jose and one quarter the crime rate of the state, while also boasting over 7,000 residents in a 3.5 square mile area. It’s also a higher income area with plenty of adults in their 40’s with an average household size of 3 people, meaning they likely also have children and will be down for giving out candy on Halloween. Some other great areas in San Jose to hit for trick-or-treating are Cambrian, Almaden Valley, Rose Garden and Blossom Valley.

6. Honolulu

HonoluluGreat areas to trick-or-treat aren’t limited to the mainland of the United States, as Honolulu, HI ranks just outside the top 5 areas in the country to trick-or-treat at sixth overall. The Manoa area of town, near the University of Hawaii at Manoa is one of the better regions to get that candy. With crime 32 percent lower than the rest of Honolulu proper, it’s a safe region to fill those trick-or-treat bags. Plus, with four major roads in the area it’s easy to make your way around each of the neighborhoods. Some other sides of town in Honolulu that are great to hit include Hawaii Kai, Diamond Head, Kaimuki and Nuuanu-Punchbowl.

7. Boston

BostonThe East coast finally clocks in the best cities to trick-or-treat rankings at seventh overall with Boston, MA. If you’re looking for the most opportunities in a square mile for candy, the Beacon Hill area is right for you. With a population density of 32,000 people per square mile, you can certainly fill your pillow case to the max with candy on Halloween. Right of Beach St. near Boston Public Garden are plenty of residences to hit. Some other great areas in Boston to trick-or-treat include Back Bay, North and South End as well as the Fenway area.

8. Seattle

SeattleThe West coast isn’t limited to just California, as the Pacific Northwest checks in at No. 8 in the rankings with Seattle, WA. Loyal Heights, located between Northwest 85th St. and Northwest 65th St. is roughly a square mile with over 13,000 residents, half of which are family homes.Not only are there plenty of homes to hit up for candy in walking distance, but Loyal Heights is also safer than 45 percent of other neighborhoods in the Seattle area. Some other places to trek to on Halloween in Seattle include Phinney Ridge, Wallingford, Queen Anne and Roosevelt.

9. San Diego

San DiegoSan Diego, CA comes in at No. 9 in the best cities to trick-or-treat rankings, largely because of Del Mar Heights and Torrey Pines. Right past the famous Torrey Pines golf course on the Pacific coast is a six square mile area that’s a sweet spot for picking up candy on Halloween. A little west of that, off Interstate 5 is Del Mar Heights, with over 4,000 people in a square mile area where nearly 40 percent of households have children, which mean they’re more likely to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. Those two areas right next to each other are why San Diego ranks in the Top 10. Some other places in the area to hit include Kensington, Loma Portal and Mission Hills.

10. Portland

PortlandPortland, OR rounds out the list of Top 10 places in the country to trick-or-treat thanks in part to Alameda and Mount Tabor. The second Pacific Northwest city in the Top 10 boasts over 4,000 people in less than a square mile where nearly 60 percent of the homes are families and an average household size of 2.5 people, meaning most houses likely have children and will be more likely to participate in handing out candy. The neighborhood is setup with block streets, so planning out your trick-or-treat route on Halloween is easy. Some other hot spots in Portland include Laurelhurst, Irvington and Eastmoreland.

11. Denver

DenverThere are even great trick-or-treating places in the mountains, it’s not just limited to the west coast and big metropolises. Denver, CO is one of the best spots in the country to get candy on Halloween, specifically the Cherry Creek area. While the average household size is just two people, nearly half the residents in the area have children. It’s also a safe trick-or-treating area, as Cherry Creek’s crime rate is 59% lower than the rest of Denver and the neighborhood layout is walk friendly. Some other good Denver trick-or-treat areas on Halloween include Washington Park, Hilltop and Belcaro.

12. Pittsburgh

PittsburghPittsburgh, PA is rated as the No. 13 city to trick-or-treat in this Halloween, thanks to the ironically named Shadyside side of town. With a crime rate lower than 59 percent of the rest of Pittsburgh and nearly 13,000 residences packed in less than a square mile, you’re looking at a relatively safe place with plenty of trick-or-treat spots in walkable distance. Nearly half the households in the Shadyside neighborhood have children as well, so you shouldn’t be alone on Halloween trying to get candy. Some other good neighborhoods to consider are Regent Square, Squirrell Hill, Point Breeze and Greenfield.

13. Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital provides some of the best trick-or-treating in the country, specifically Takoma, Washington DC. If you want to dress up like President Obama for Halloween and get plenty of candy, Takoma is nearly two square miles with 13,000 residences packed in with an average household of nearly three people! If you don’t want to hit up Takoma for candy, some other neighborhoods to consider are Georgetown, American University Park, Chevy Chase and the Friendship Heights area.

14. Minneapolis

MinneapolisIf you’re looking for a nice trick-or-treating adventure on Halloween near a set of lakes, then Minneapolis, MN is a great spot, specifically the Linden Hills area. Coming in at No. 14 overall in the best cities to trick-or-treat, Minneapolis offers plenty of areas of town that are not only safe, but easy to walk through and plenty of family households with children, which means they’ll likely be either out trick-or-treating as well, or accustomed to having kids coming around for candy. Some other good neighborhoods to hit are Lynnhurst, Cedar-Isles-Dean, Fulton and Tangletown.

15. Virginia Beach

Virginia-BeachThe Great Neck area of Virginia Beach, the No. 15 city in the United States to trick-or-treat in, is one of the best spots in Virginia to fill that pillowcase with candy on Halloween. Not only is it an easy walkable area, but you’re walking right by the beach! Virginia Beach, VA also has a lower crime rate than most of the rest of the country, so you’re going to be relatively safe with your children while you’re out trick-or-treating. Some other good neighborhoods to stop at are Bay Colony, Croatan Beach, Cape Story by the Sea and Alanton.

16. Phoenix

PhoenixPhoenix, AZ rolls into the top cities to trick-or-treat on Halloween at No. 16 and one of the best areas in town to hit is the Paradise Valley area. With a median home income over over $100,000 and the average house in the range of near a million dollars, you’re looking at cashing in on some high end candy. Paradise Valley is also a relatively safe area to walk around and easy to weave through the neighborhoods and fill up that pillow case trick-or-treating. Some other good areas of town to hit are Ahwatukee Foothills, Encanto, Camelback East and Deer Valley.

17. Columbus

columbusDon’t worry Ohio, you weren’t missed in the rankings as Columbus falls in at No. 17 overall in the best cities to trick-or-treat on Halloween rankings. With over 5,000 residents per square mile, the Clintonville area of Columbus, OH is one of the hot spots to hit on Halloween for candy. You can peel off from North High St. into the various neighborhoods and hit them up house by house. Almost 40 percent of the households in that area are family residents with children. Some other good areas of Columbus to hit include Worthington Hills, Olde Sawmill, Shannon Heights and German Village.

18. Milwaukee

MilwaukeeMiddle America couldn’t be left of the list of best cities to trick-or-treat in as Milwuakee, WI comes in at No. 18 overall. The Murray Hill area of town in particular is a great spot to hit up on Halloween. With over 4,000 people in just over a quarter square mile, it’s an area you can cover relatively quickly and hit plenty of houses in an efficient manner. With a crime index less than 60 percent of the rest of Milwaukee, you can also feel safe walking around with your children in the evening. Some other good neighborhoods to hit are the Upper East Side, Bay View, Fairview and Cambridge Heights.

19. Las Vegas

VegasRight off the Brucewoodbury Beltway in Las Vegas, NV is one of the neighborhoods that helped Vegas crack the Top 20 best cities to trick-or-treat in on Halloween. Summerlin North is packed with housing developments that are easy to navigate on foot. It’s also a safe neighborhood with a crime rate that is 59 percent less than the rest of Las Vegas. Some other good spots to hit in the gambling city is Sun City, Summerlin, Buffalo, North Cheyenne and Paradise.

20. Baltimore

BaltimoreRounding out the bottom of the Top 20 list is Baltimore, MD. The Roland Park area is a great place to trick-or-treat on Halloween, as it’s very family friendly and dense with nearly 5,000 residents per square mile. It’s easy to navigate on foot and is one of the safest parts of Baltimore, crime index-wise. Nearly 50 percent of the residents in the Roland Park area have children, which means they’ll be more likely to participate in both trick-or-treating and handing out candy. Some other nice areas of Baltimore to go are Hampden, Homeland, Guilford and the Wyndhurst are.