lets talk about the most common internet data usage mistakes satellite internet n00bs make and give you tips to avoid going over your data. Satellite Internet service is really very easy to use. When you sign up, a professional technician will come to your home and take care of installation completely. When he leaves your service is up and running perfectly. Because the connection is always on, in order to go online, you simply need to turn on your computer and open a browser. However, despite how easy this is, there are still some common mistakes that many users make. Teaching you about them will help you avoid these pitfalls for newbies.

Not Monitoring Your Usage

we offer free and easy ways to monitor your internet data usage to help you avoid going over the allotted data your plan allowsWhen you get satellite Internet, your plan is likely based on what you have estimated you will need, with the help of one of our customer care representatives. However, you can easily find yourself spending a lot more time online than you estimated. And if you have multiple users in your household, the possibility to exceed your monthly data usage allowance is even greater.

If you or others in your house spend more time online than you estimated, the reality is that your data usage will surpass what you have chosen for your Satellite Internet data usage plan. This will mean that your data allowance runs out before the month is over or you will have to pay extra to get more GB of data.

In order to ensure this is not what you are facing, monitoring your usage from day 1 is necessary. Your satellite Internet provider offers you a data usage monitoring tool that allows you to see in real time how much data you have used. Check your data usage often, at least every 2 days, for the first couple of months to ensure you don’t surpass your data limits or to help you figure out if you need a larger data plan.

Not Knowing Which Activities Are Data Heavy

when watching video online make sure you choose a lower resolution and monitor your usage to avoid hitting your data capIf you haven’t learned about how much data various online activities take, you are setting yourself up for excessive data usage. You should know that the highest usage activity is streaming video. Even within streaming video, there is a huge difference between standard definition and high definition playback. If you do streaming video in HD for a couple of days, you are sure to use up your monthly data in that amount of time.

Streaming music is also data intensive, as is using video conferencing platforms like Skype, peer to peer file sharing and uploading files and images. Email, web browsing, and social media are not demanding of your data, so you can do these things heavily without worrying about your data limit. Just be sure to disable your automated playback of videos.

If you avoid these two very common mistakes first-time satellite Internet users make, you will have a much easier adjustment to using high speed rural Internet from Exede.