Living off the grid doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. This modern house with detached garage uses solar power.

Many Americans are consciously deciding to take a giant step back from the fast-paced life that has become the norm in this country. Living off-the-grid essentially means living self-sufficiently, independent from public utilities. It embraces things like growing your own food, water from wells, solar powered energy, and other substitutions for the common ways most people do things.

Exede Makes Off-The-Grid Living Possible

Because Exede satellite Internet is available throughout the nation, it gives those in rural areas a reliable option in high-speed Internet, so they can do the things they need to do to sustain off-the-grid living.

Husband and wife with a toddler living in off the grid in a patch of wild flowers.

–          High-speed Internet makes it possible to earn a living while living off the grid. More and more companies are outsourcing a wide variety of tasks, providing employment opportunities that are not limited by geography. You can build websites, provide customer service, be a virtual assistant, write, do graphic design or so many other tasks from the comfort of your own home with Exede.

–          Learn how to do practically anything online. When you are living off-the-grid, you try to do for yourself instead of buying what you need. This requires ingenuity, and an acceptance of the need to be handy. But no matter how handy you are, there will come a situation where you need help and a little guidance. Regardless of what you are attempting to do for the first time, there is online help for you. From step-by-step articles to video tutorials, you can learn how to make, build, or repair practically anything online.Cabin in the woods next to a stream where they are living off the grid.

–          Shop for the things you need from the convenience of your home. Let’s face it – going off the grid is no easy feat. It is quite likely that you will need to purchase provisions at some point. When that point comes, satellite Internet will be there for you, allowing you to easily order the things you need and have them delivered right to your door. And if you don’t want to buy new, minimizing your carbon footprint, there are swap sites and other websites that allow you to purchase gently used items.

–          Find the answer to urgent questions by simply searching online. You can find out easily online if certain symptoms are serious enough to require immediate medical care or if you can wait. You can also learn about poisonous animals, plants, mold, and the many other things that you need to know about without delay, through a simple search.

Even if you are not 100% cut out for off the grid living, satellite Internet allows you to make it more manageable, by keeping you connected to the outside world and allowing you to access the impressive knowledge online.

Full size home in the woods using solar panels to generate power instead of the local power grid



& Garden Television (HGTV) network. Actress Daryl Hannah promotes offgrid living and constructed her home in Colorado according to those principles

Living off the grid is no longer just for back-to-the-landers

But for Jim Merkel, a family isn’t an obstacle to off-grid living. He’s teaching his son, who is 6 years old, to be energy-conscious at a young age. “He turns lights off,” Merkel said. “He knows who uses a lot of power and what doesn’t.” Merkel and his