Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Satellite Internet In My Areas?

Satellite Internet is most likely available in your area. Exede currently offers service in 80% of the country. To see if it is available where you live, simply call us at 1-866-653-5053 or enter your zip code here to find out exactly what we offer in your neighborhood.

BlueFire Broadband is an authorized reseller of Exede satellite Internet, bringing high speed Internet options for rural America. Your only requirement to getting satellite Internet is to have a clear view of the southern sky. If we do not service your area, but you get cell phone service, we can connect you with wireless Internet service to ensure you have better than average Internet speeds.

Which Is Better: Satellite Internet Or DSL?

Satellite Internet speeds are significantly higher than DSL speeds in many parts of the United States. It all comes down to geography. Satellite Internet from Exede delivers the same great speeds – 12 Mbps – anywhere in the country. However, DSL speeds are only fast when you are close to the central office. The farther away you get from that point, the slower your DSL speeds are.

In urban areas, DSL is a great choice. In rural areas, satellite Internet with 12 Mbps, is the #1 choice.

Can I Stream Netflix If I Have Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet from Exede can easily stream Netflix. Because we offer the top speed available – 12 Mbps – with all our plans, Netflix works easily with any Exede package. The one thing we must caution users about is the fact that streaming video consumes data very quickly. This means you may want to choose a larger data cap for the entire month.

If you are a late night TV watcher, you are in luck. The unlimited late night free zone from Exede allows you to stream Netflix without a worry from midnight until 5 am every day. If you stream Netflix during the day, it is advised to monitor your data usage to avoid being shut down.

Which Satellite Internet Provider Is The Best?

BlueFire Broadband is proud to be an authorized dealer of Exede Internet. We stand by our commitment of providing you with the very best in satellite Internet service available where you live. Here’s why we are convinced that Exede is the best satellite Internet provider.

Do Video Games Work With Satellite Internet?

Most video games work with satellite Internet, but not all. The kind of games you play will determine whether satellite Internet is a good choice for you. Facebook games like Candy Crush and Words with Friends, online board games, chess and casino games are all excellent to use with satellite Internet service as they are turn based or strategy games.

Online action games, real time strategy games and first person shooter games are all examples of the ones that do not work with satellite Internet. The latency or lag that occurs when your request has to travel 45,000 miles to and from the satellite orbiting earth, means that a fraction of a second passes from the action to the on-screen result. While for most uses this is negligible, when it comes to sports games, military situation games and other fast-twitch games, such a lag can be detrimental.

Which Data Cap Should I Choose?

The data cap you should choose for your satellite Internet service depends completely on the types of things you do online, how many users are in your household, and how much time is spent online. Those who surf the net only can get by with an introductory plan. Those who are planning to stream videos should go for the larger plan.

You can evaluate these things for yourself or speak with a BlueFire Broadband representative, who will be able to determine exactly what you need. She will ask you a variety of questions about your online activities, other users and the number of devices in your home. With such information, she can help you get the best plan with enough coverage to do the things you need to do.

Can I Get Hulu If I Have Satellite Internet?

Hulu, and other streaming video services, can be used with your satellite Internet service but you will discover that it consumes your data allowance much more quickly than almost any other type of Internet usage. What that means is that you need to monitor your usage of data more closely and choose a provider and a plan that will allow you to enjoy Hulu sufficiently.

Exede is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for satellite Internet and wants to use it for Hulu. Because of the high speed that is offered with every plan, you can always get quality streaming video. In addition, Exede provides the unlimited late night free zone nightly which is a great time to catch up on streaming video without worrying about data caps, or the perfect time to record your favorite shows for later.

How Does Satellite Internet Technology Work?

With satellite Internet technology, your requests are literally travelling into outer space and back in no time. A signal is beamed from your computer to the ViaSat-1 satellite which orbits the earth. The content requested is retrieved and sent back to your home computer or web-enabled device.

The satellite dish, professionally installed on your home, and the modem connected to your computer are how those requests and responses are sent and received. They travel about 45,000 miles in a fraction of a second. For most uses, this delay is not even noticed.

If your computer is on, when you have Exede, you are always connected. You never again have to wait on connections and loading.

Which Is The Leading Provider Of Satellite Internet In My Area?

The #1 provider of satellite Internet in your area is Exede. It consistently brings you more speed, more data and better customer service than any other provider. While every customer needs something different, BlueFire Broadband staff go out of their way to ensure you have the ideal package to meet your needs.

Finding the best satellite Internet provider is all about finding the one that best meets your needs and is available where you live. Exede is available in almost all parts of the country and offers major advantages over the competition.

Find out more about the leading satellite Internet service in the country now from a BlueFire Broadband specialist by calling 1-866-653-5053.

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