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Wireless Broadband Internet in New York

Blue Fire Broadband is the wireless broadband Internet in New York that brings true choice for high speed Internet service. Blue Fire stands by its commitment to bring high speed Internet to everywhere in the United States, even those areas forgotten by big name cable and DSL. While some companies offer satellite Internet or wireless broadband, Blue Fire Broadband does it better and offers both.

It’s true that there are some parts of New York that simply don’t have access to the technology. However, those are often the very best places to live. Life is a little slower. Neighbors matter more. Nature reigns supreme. But those things don’t mean thought that your part of New York should be behind the times. With Blue Fire wireless broadband Internet, New York residents stay connected with the world and can enjoy the kind of high speed access that is necessary today.

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Blue Fire Broadband - Wireless Broadband
Internet New York Residents Love

Blue Fire Broadband is the Internet service that New York residents are increasingly choosing. With real options, Blue Fire can provide you with the ideal Internet solution if you are on a budget, rarely at home, want to do gaming and so much more. The 2 exciting high speed Internet options available include:

- Blue Fire Broadband Satellite Internet
- Blue Fire Broadband Wireless Internet

With satellite Internet you can get high speed Internet anywhere you have a clear view of the southern sky. You get speeds that are faster than anything else available in your area at an affordable price. Satellite Internet is a great choice for homes and small businesses that want and need high speed connection.


For the individual who is always on the go, there is no better choice than wireless broadband Internet. New York users who travel a lot, do RVing, have a vacation home or a boat quickly come to appreciate the portability of Blue Fire Broadband wireless Internet. If you have electricity, you can use the plug and play device for your very own anywhere Internet. High data limits and the option of an unlimited plan make it perfect for the heavy user.

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Do More in New York with High Speed Internet from Blue Fire Broadband

When you choose one of the high speed Internet options from Blue Fire Broadband, your relationship with the Internet changes. You no longer have to wait for connection and sacrifice precious time to accomplish anything online. Instead you get to enjoy an always-on connection that is ready and waiting for you. As a high speed Internet user you can:

  • Stream videos from sites like Netflix, Hulu and YouTube
  • Play fast-twitch games
  • Enjoy unlimited Internet
  • Save on your telephone bill with VOIP
  • Do social media and email
  • Share photos
  • Download files
  • Attain new skills through e-learning
  • Affordably market your small business in a global marketplace.

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